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Request a Service Bridges Interpreter by Calling:


Western New York: 716.371.1390

Southeast Florida: 561.437.5182

Service Rate Incentives
Call us to find how your place of business can take advantage of our special incentives!  Incentives are available for different circumstances including performances, medical appointments, and extended time requests beyond 2 hours.

Cancellation or Changes to Requests
Because we work hard to provide you with top quality services, please contact Service Bridges with any modifications to the original request as soon as they arise.  In the case of cancellations, avoid the cancellation fee by notifiying our office at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled request time.  Premium rates may apply for changes that occur in less than 48 hours depending on the nature of any changes. 

Good Faith
All requests require a confirmation response.  Payment for services rendered is due upon completion of your request.

Federal Exemptions
Leaving the sole responsibility for payment of interpreting services up to the Deaf person is largely prohibited by law.  Events such as weddings or funeral proceedings are generally known as federally exempted activities.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us how we can designate interpreters during those federally exempted activities and minimize the impact of communication barriers.

Top Quality Service
If you are not satisfied with services received for any reason, please contact us at:

716.371.1390 (Western New York)
561.437.5182 (Southeast Florida)

Or email us at: Access@ServiceBridges.com.  

It is our goal to ensure your satisfaction every time.

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